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If you need a quick getaway from your mother-in-law and are in the West Hollywood, California, you must go to a hidden hand and foot spa located off the beaten path.

Nestled in upscale West Hollywood, L.A. Vie L’Orange is a fantastic manicure and pedicure spa that is not the usual noisy crowed nail salon.   Their motto holds true to their salon:  indulge, pamper and rejuvenate.

Once you arrive, you are greeted with a warm welcome and offered something to drink.  After you choose your nail color, you are promptly escorted into your peaceful wicker surrounded private station.  L.A. Vie L’Orange has a no-cell phone policy which is great since they have a large waterfall feature that creates the most amazing serene ambiance.

If you go, I would recommend to get the works and ask for their signature orange peel treatment.  First they soak your feet into a warm bath of hot stones, orange peels and herbs.  After the soak, callous remover serum is generously smeared on the bottom surface of your feet and a gentle callous removing wand is gently rubbed to your skin.  Your feet nearly tickle with laughter after the other steps such as the alpha-hydroxy sea scrub, hot oil massage, paraffin wax and cucumber heel cream are applied.

L.A Vie L’Orange is one of my favorite getaways in West Hollywood, so if you need a quicky touch up or want to getaway for an hour or so, definitely take the time to find this hidden gem.


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After living in Southern California for a few years, I really enjoy the wonderful sunshine, and the dry heat. But, sometimes I need a change of scenery. When I am in the mood for a cooler climate and a taste of nature (and of course silence from my chatty Mother-In-Law), I get away to Victoria Canada. When in Victoria, I recommend staying in the Magnolia Hotel.

This luxury spa boutique hotel is situated near Victoria’s Inner Harbour where they have amazing waterfront, numerous restaurants, attractions, galleries and shops. When I am not sightseeing and touring the city, I relax in their spa. My favorite treatment is the Botanical Skin Resurface which is a hands-on approach that has amazing results. After the treatment, you will have fewer lines and wrinkles, smoother texture, more radiance & a decreased pore size. I love this since it does not irritate my highly sensitive skin (like microdermabrasion does).

If you are looking for a change of pace and want to reclaim your beauty, check out Victoria Canada!

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